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...we offer the ultimate in luxury accommodations for the most discerning guest.
Your pet will enjoy the comfort of the climate controlled, 200 square foot cottage and the grounds with natural shade trees, cooling pool, view of Vasquez rocks... and ... of course, fire hydrants!!!
Val & Stan the friendly, animal loving, owner/proprietors live on-site on a beautiful 5 acre ranch. This place is heaven. You will come back to one very happy dog!
Canine Cottage is for well socialized dogs. A dog's nature is to live in a pack. They have a much more relaxed stay when they are together with friends than when they are caged, alone in a small kennel.
Feel free to call for an appointment to view the cottage and for Val & Stan to meet your K9 pal. 

Canine Cottage    661 268 1855
- your dog is free to go outdoors or indoors at any time
- large, beautiful outdoor facilities
- big comfortable interior accommodations
- climate controlled
- separate areas for big dogs and small dogs
- proprietors live on-site
- located on 5 acres in spectacular Agua Dulce in the Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles, California

Canine Cottage
Cage-free Dog Boarding
Canine Cottage   661 268 1855